MOTORISTS are being given some tips to avoid becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft.

There has been a huge rise in the theft of these exhaust emission control devices which can be very valuable for opportunistic thieves.

Tips from home security experts at Yale include:

* Perks of good parking

Keeping your car locked away in a secure garage. If you don't have a garage park as close as possible to a wall, so the front of your car is blocked off. And to protect cars where only on-street parking is available, experts recommend parking half on and half off the kerb if it is safe to do so

* Invest in a front door camera

A front door camera is a great way to monitor your entrance area to ensure no undesirable visitors are popping by when you’re not there


A security camera system is a great investment to ensure your home isn’t a target. The presence of CCTV is an effective way of getting opportunists to steer clear of your property, and, can even be used as evidence if a crime was to occur

* Stay switched on

Use security lighting to brighten up your entrance area. Criminals often travel under the cover of darkness, so tend to steer clear of brightly lit spaces. You may want to consider a front floodlight with a motion sensor

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