A GRANDFATHER died after his car was involved in a collision - and then hit again by another vehicle, a court heard.

Victor Samways’ Ford Fiesta was in a collision with Fahd Baakza’s Nissan Micra on the A35 at Eype near Bridport on January 23, 2019.

The 74-year-old’s car was then struck by another vehicle. A jury heard it was unclear which collision caused his death.

Baazka, aged 34, and of Dorset Street, London, has been charged with causing death by careless driving. He denies the charge.

Prosecutor Thomas Evans told a jury at Bournemouth Crown Court: “There was a road traffic collision on the A35 at the junction with Eype between the defendant in his Nissan Micra and Mr Samways’ Ford Fiesta.

As a result of that collision, Mr Samways’ vehicle remained on the carriageway and created a hazard for incoming vehicles. Another driver was travelling the same direction as Mr Samways. Because of the position of the Ford Fiesta, the driver was unable to avoid a further collision with the Fiesta. Tragically, Mr Samways died.

“It is impossible to say which collision caused his death, however it is likely that it was the second collision as the deceased, following the first collision, had attempted to escape the Fiesta.”

Mr Evans said driver of the Volkswagen who struck Mr Samways’ vehicle was cleared of any blame as he could not avoid the collision ‘unless he was significantly below the speed limit’.

As a result, Baakza is alleged to have caused the collision that caused Mr Samways to be stationary and led to his death.

Mr Evans added that Baakza was a relatively inexperienced driver who had recently moved to the Bridport area, in 2018.

Outlining the build-up to the fatal crash, Mr Evans added: “The defendant returned home from work and decided to travel to Dorchester to get a takeaway. It appears he was unable to locate the restaurant, so he decided to go to a takeaway van adjacent to the A35 near where this crash occurred.”

The court was briefly shown footage of Baakza’s route, recreated by police officers, which showed how Baakza would have turned into a lane and was required to have waited to give way to traffic in order to then turn right to Bridport Rest Area. Other explanations of the car crash were addressed by Mr Evans, including whether the Ford Fiesta’s headlights had failed.

Police undertook enquires with Ford to check if there were any known headlight faults of that vehicle and also spoke to the vehicle’s previous owner, but found they were ‘no issues’. The trial continues.