IN RESPONSE to Malcolm Heaver’s letter last week, as a Bridport resident and a shopper, I have to say ‘No to pedestrianising South Street!

Anyone who is local and remembers Dorchester and Yeovil as thriving market towns, will be only too aware of what pedestrianising areas has done to the towns. In both instances it resulted in killing the shops and businesses in the adjoining streets, as well as the market.

If you drive through Dorchester you will know of the many empty shops and premises in the High Street, and now sadly in the precinct too due I expect to the opening of Brewery Square.

I know many put the blame on to the growth of internet shopping but as someone who does frequently buy online there is nothing that can take the place of being able to see, touch, feel and try out items. Attracting and buying from independents is the way forward!

In Bridport all our streets are thriving, with very few empty shops, and we should be enormously proud of the fact.

The twice weekly market thanks to the foresight of the Bridport Town Council team is spread all across the town and is now successfully also making use of Downes Street and Barrack Street.

We have a fantastic selection of independent and artisan stores along every street as well as cafés, bars and restaurants where visitors can stop and enjoy a pint or a meal, inside or out.

So, I cannot agree with the writer of last week’s letter ‘Bigger Picture’ calling to make South Street pedestrian only. However, I can support his plea for more parking and will also add the need for improved public transport.