A FUNDRAISING campaign has been launched as the scheme to bring a refugee family to Bridport gathers pace.

Bridport Refugee Support Campaign (BRSC) launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise the further £5,000 it needs to be accepted by the Home Office Community Sponsorship Scheme.

The scheme is a safe and legal route to resettlement for refugees escaping from countries affected by war, persecution or natural disaster. It was created with an aim to help refugee families become valued members of their new community.

The Crowdfunder raised more than £2,000 within the first three days of launching.

Barry Lovejoy, the chairman of BRSC, said: “The committee have been very active raising funds during the lockdown; Christmas cards, a garage sale, and stalls on Bucky Doo have all played their part. We hope the Crowdfunder will raise the rest we need so the family can come as soon as possible.

" I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have already made individual donations to the campaign, dipping deep and showing their commitment to helping the family settle happily in Bridport.

"The UNHCR choose families that are living in one of their Refugee camps, possibly one of the enormous ones in Turkey or Lebanon, but we have also heard that the family might come from another war torn country like Sudan or Ethiopia. We still don’t know which family they will choose.“

The group said it is grateful to its 250 supporters and all the other big-hearted people in Bridport who have already given so generously.

The money raised will go towards finding affordable, safe, and dignified housing for the family, including decorating and furnishing and will cover the initial rent deposit. It will also pay for transport to and from English classes, supplement the classes with personal tuition by volunteers and provide any other support materials.

The group also wants to ensure the family members have internet access, laptops, and phones, which will help them settle in Bridport and find out more about what the community has to offer.

To donate to the Crowdfunder campaign, visit /www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bridport-refugee-welcome