BRIDPORT once again upheld its reputation for being the place to be to see in the New Year.

Revellers have never been known to be put off by bad weather and this year was no exception.

The early evening rain finally stopped and Bucky Doo Square was packed as the clock struck midnight.

As usual residents and visitors alike were creative with their costumes.

Out came the men and women in drag, including a particularly startling Tina Turner, a very fetching Blondie, a dishevelled Amy Winehouse, a rocking Rod Stewart an over the top Elton, and of course the obligatory St Trinian schoolgirls.

There were a goodly number of warring Spartans; rival gangs of pirates; super heroes; priests; monsters; Scooby Doos; ghostbusters; scouts; brownies; a cowboy, complete with horse; 70s rockers and rollers; convicts; bat women; rainbow girls, later sadly variously mistaken for a Smurf and Shrek and a daring troupe of Evil Knievals.

Although the vast majority of revellers were too busy enjoying themselves to cause trouble police said six or seven arrests were made.

Bridport Police sergeant Steve Hughes said this year broke the run of trouble-free celebrations and there were several assaults and public order offences.