EMERGENCY services have rushed to rescue a 'trapped' paraglider who crash landed onto cliffs.

Coastguard officers and RNLI volunteers were called to cliffs west of Eype at 15.27pm yesterday afternoon after receiving reports of a paraglider who had crashed onto cliffs and was possibly trapped.

The man was found to be uninjured and was safely escorted to the beach car park at Eype by coastguard officers.

A spokesman for West Bay Coastguard Rescue Team said: "Officers from West Bay were alerted by Solent Coastguard to eyewitness reports of a paraglider that had crash landed onto the cliffs to the west of Eype and was possibly trapped.

"Both the West Bay and Lyme Regis Coastguard Rescue Teams were immediately tasked to the scene should a cliff rescue be required.

"On arrival at Eype beach, contact was made with the first informant and officers located the casualty through binoculars.

"He was seen to be moving around just above the boulders at the base of the cliffs in the area of Hope Corner.

"The West Bay officer in charge requested the launch of the Lyme Regis RNLI Lifeboat to provide safety and communications cover, and four coastguard officers set out along the beach with first aid to meet the casualty.

"Thankfully the casualty was found to be un-injured and was safely escorted along with his paragliding equipment back to the beach car park at Eype.

"The pilot reported losing lift whilst at a low altitude and was forced to make a crash landing after his wing clipped a tree. He noted that he was very lucky not to have landed on the boulder area of the beach which would have likely caused injury.

"After details were taken, safety advice was given and the officers were then stood down to return to station.

"We wanted to thank the first informant who did exactly the right thing by calling the emergency services. Have a great time on the coast this summer. But if you find yourself in difficulty, or if you see something that gives you cause for concern, then do not hesitate. Dial 999 and ask for the coastguard."