IT'S CERTAINLY one way to mark an occasion - a man who has recently turned 50 is celebrating by taking on a series of 'ridiculously' big physical challenges to raise money for a good cause.

Sam Rose, from Bridport, is completing a trio of physical challenges - a run, a cycle and a paddleboard - to raise money for children's hospice Julia's House.

Sam turned 50 in September 2020, and decided to mark this by taking on a series of challenges, each involving the number 50.

This includes a 50 kilometre run, a 50 mile cycle ride and a 50 kilometre paddleboard.

He completed the run in October 2020, making it all the way from Ham Hill outside of Yeovil to Lyme Regis in the autumn rain. The run took just under six hours.

Next on the list is the 50 mile cycle ride, which is set to be ticked off on Sunday, June 13. The ride will take Sam through the Bridport circular route and will include large climbs at Bettiscombe, Eggardon and Hardy's Monument.

Perhaps the toughest challenge is all is being saved for last, as the 50 kilometre paddleboard is still to come.

Sam said: "I turned 50 in September and decided to mark this by blundering unprepared into a range of ridiculously big physical challenges over the year that involve the number 50.

"This is in part to prove to myself that I still can, to support my fragile male ego, and to get fitter - but mostly for the opportunity to raise some for a great local charity.

Through his '50:50 challenge', Sam aims to raise £5,000 for Julia's House. He has currently raised around £1,100.

He added: "Julia’s House is an amazing organisation that helps families facing unimaginable heartbreak - with the knowledge that their child may not live into adulthood.

"I am so lucky to have two amazing boys who don't face any of the problems that Julia's House children do, so this is on their behalf as well as mine.

""Julia's House is an amazing charity that helps children with uncertain futures, and supports their families too. It is about compassion, quality of life and dignity. Something we all deserve. Any donation will make a life-changing difference to these families."

For more information and to donate to Sam's cause, visit