MANAGER Rob Marquis says Bridport “won’t be planning on playing like Man City” in the 2021/22 Toolstation Western League Premier Division campaign.

Marquis is set to strike a balance between direct and intricate play, choosing to put defence first.

The former Bees and Weymouth goalkeeper has set his stall out to improve Bridport’s defence and then build attractive moves further up the pitch.

In parting with an aggressive press instigated by previous boss John Godbold, Marquis is highlighting the need for adaptability in the physical Western League environment.

He told the Bridport News: “In terms of pattern of play, sometimes you have to adjust to what you’re up against.

“We still will get the ball forward fairly quickly, as in, we won’t be playing around at the back.

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“Man City can pay £200m for a player, but the players we’ve got there’s always a chance to overplay at the back, a mis-placed pass and lose the ball.

“I’m not saying we won’t play further forward, but we won’t be planning on playing like Man City.

“Obviously, some of what John put in (as well), dishing and doglegging we call it.

“They’re the sorts of things we’ve discussed. We’re not strict on a formation, because it depends what personnel we’ve got.

“We’ve got players in mind for certain positions and some players suit certain styles of play more than others.

“We can only play to our strengths. Defensively, Bridport weren’t in a great place so we want a nice solid defence.

“We’ve got to stop shipping goals and build it from there, but we’re not planning on putting out seven defenders.”