DORSET’S level of local radio and television coverage over the last few years has been a serious concern for many. Dorset has a population of over 770,000 people and yet has no dedicated radio station. Rarely do I see West Dorset on Spotlight which seems to have a heavy Devon/Cornwall focus nor Points West. When Dorset contributes around £45 million per year to the BBC through the licence fee, this lack of attention to Dorset is not acceptable and it's time to challenge it.

Community radio has filled in an important space. Stations such as Abbey 104 and Keep 106. I met with the Chairman of the BBC a few weeks ago and I hope that common sense will prevail. Now to make the case for us here in Dorset.

It’s Volunteer Week from the 1st June, recognising the achievements made by volunteers across the United Kingdom. As part of this, I met with the West Bay Beach Clean Group on Wednesday to see the great work they do in keeping our beaches tidy.

Following this, I was delighted to open a new cheese room at Hollis Mead Organic Dairy in Hooke. Their milk is delicious and gives a real insight into how local farming is done very well and a great example of how sustainable farm businesses can thrive, cut out the supermarkets and remove the plastic use that comes with supermarket provision.

My eagerness to criminalise ‘livestock worrying’ was ramped up tragically last week, with the very sad death of Gladis the pregnant cow on Eggardon Hill - the other side of Beaminster – because of a dog chasing. Farmers should not have to face the tragedy of losing much loved animals because of negligent and careless members of the public who don’t control their dogs.