WITH reference to your report 20/5/21 many thanks to Ruth Wrixton and Brian Sanders for giving their time and effort picking up the rubbish left on the roadside. Two willing volunteers who did a positive thing only to find it made difficult for them.

In recent years this litter problem has noticeably increased. One wonders if it is the result of inconsiderate individuals or waste blown out of unsecured lorries. Probably a combination of both.

Your report was shocking for two reasons:

Firstly the couple collected 29 bags of rubbish (no doubt using their own black sacks).

Secondly the staff at the Recycling Centre were authorised not to accept it.

Recycling/Waste Disposal Centres should be accepting waste wherever it comes from and however it arrives. It should be free. Only then will fly tipping disappear.

If Dorset Council Highways department is unable to clear the rubbish left on the roadside they should sanction and facilitate willing helpers to do the work for them. I realise that traffic calming measures would need to be in place but the overall benefit would far outweigh any costs involved. I urge the Council to think of all the reasons and benefits why it should be done rather than make excuses not to do it.

I would be willing to join a party of litter picking volunteers. I am sure that I am not alone. We all live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty therefore it is our responsibility to respect and preserve it.

Sue Axford

Shipton Gorge