'ENOUGH is enough': A campaign group have criticised the lack of action over the rebuilding of a cinema which was destroyed in a fire five years ago.

The Cinema Theatre Association (CTA), an organisation that promotes interest in all aspects of heritage cinema buildings, has spoken out against WTW-Scott Cinemas, the owners of the Lyme Regis Regent cinema.

The Grade II listed cinema was destroyed by a fire in March 2016.

No official statement on the progress of the cinema rebuild has been released from owners WTW-Scott Cinemas since August 2019, when it was suggested that the cinema could be rebuilt with two high-quality apartments to offset the costs.

Five south west cinemas owned by WTW-Scott Cinemas each received £46,000 in government funding earlier this year - but no additional funding was given to the Regent.

Richard Gray, CTA casework chairman, said: “Enough is enough. We appreciate rebuilding is a huge task, both technically and financially, but promises were made and this project should now be underway.

“Not only was the cinema a local landmark but it provided entertainment for locals as well as playing an important role in the local tourist industry, which this area of west Dorset relies upon. The saga of whether the cinema will be rebuilt or not has gone on for too long.”

The fire five years ago was believed to have begun due to an electrical fault. Eight crews from across Dorset, Devon and Somerset were called to the scene where the building was engulfed in flames and the roof of the historic building collapsed.

One of the CTA's main concerns is the lack of communication coming from WTW-Scott Cinemas in regards to the situation.

Mr Gray added: “We are talking about the rebuild of a cinema, not about state secrets.

“If there are problems in financing a rebuild, or if the owners wish to incorporate a couple of luxury flats to help finance the build, they need to be open and transparent. It would also help if they responded to enquiries.”

The News has attempted to contact WTW-Scott Cinemas for a response.