BRIDPORT'S mayor is encouraging residents to get involved in a campaign to clean up the town's streets.

As reported in the News last week, Cllr Ian Bark said he wanted to do something about the high level of litter around the town.

Now he is looking for people to become 'Litter Free Street Champions' so all streets are covered by clean-up volunteers.

The aim of the campaign is to achieve coverage on every street in town.

Cllr Bark said: "Given that for the past year, and in particular the last three months, there have been fewer visitors, the level of litter is surprisingly high. Whilst we do see an increase in the amount of litter during periods when visitor numbers are higher, I am afraid we need to face up to the fact that the problem of litter is with us all year round.

"Once the litter hits the streets much of it will find its way into our rivers and on into the sea. Other things like crisp packets and plastic bottles in long grass and hedges will slowly degrade under sunlight and eventually become part of the ecosystem releasing the toxic chemicals that they are made from as they do so.

"West Bay has a well established group of volunteers which carry out monthly beach cleans and additional spot cleans when storms wash in more litter, many will either have taken part in or be familiar with beach cleans. It is time to mobilise a similar army of volunteers to remove the litter from the streets across the town."

The mayor is also putting together a mass litter pick to tackle the litter issue across town. The 'From Street to Sea' litter pick on Sunday, 30 May will cover the streets, the river and the beach.

The Bridport Litter Free Streets Champions will be joined by kayakers and paddle boarders who will cover the rivers and the West Bay Beach Clean volunteers who will tackle the beaches.

If you would like to become a Litter Free Street Champion for your street or take part in the From Street to Sea mass litter pick email with your contact details to find out more.