A CAMPAIGN is being launched to tidy up Bridport.

The Mayor of Bridport is asking for the help of residents in tackling the town's litter problem.

Councillor Ian Bark says he has noticed the high level of litter around the town - and not just when the holidaymakers visit in the summer.

He said: "As mayor, I am sure you will not be surprised to learn that I am regularly contacted by members of the Bridport community about issues of concern. Highest on the list of issues raised is litter. Whether it is on the walk into town from my home in Crock Lane or on the footpaths in the lovely hills that surround the town, I too have noticed an increase in the amount of litter.

"Given that for the past year, and in particular the last three months, there have been fewer visitors, the level of litter is surprisingly high. Whilst we do see an increase in the amount of litter during periods when visitor numbers are higher, I am afraid we need to face up to the fact that the problem of litter is with us all year round."

Cllr Bark took photos of litter around Bridport to illustrate his point.

He aims to recruit volunteers over the next few weeks to become Bridport Litter Free Street Champions - with the aim of achieving coverage for every street in town.

Cllr Bark said: "I suspect there is already a small army of people out there who like me and my wife, quietly remove the litter from the immediate area around where they live.

"By my calculation, there are 137 streets in Bridport town from Acer Avenue to Yarn Mill Close. With a population of just over 7000+, raising an army of Bridport Litter Free Street Champions should be easily achievable."

Cllr Bark is also planning a mass litter pick on Sunday, May 30 to tackle the litter that has accumulated across town. The event, named the ‘From Street to Sea’ litter pick, will cover the streets, the river and the beach.

If you would like to become a Litter Free Street Champion for your street or take part in the From Street to Sea mass litter pick e-mail bridportlfs@icloud.com