RESIDENTS are being encouraged to share their views and ideas on a new skatepark in Bridport.

Bridport Town Council is asking potential users of the park to tell them what they think of plans for the facility in Plottingham Playing Fields.

The skatepark is a part of larger plans to revamp Plottingham Playing Fields - with those behind the plans wanting to provide an area which can be used by 'people of all ages'.

Plans for the revamp was reported in the Bridport News last week.

Daryl Chambers, town surveyor, said: "We’ve had the idea for the revamped skatepark for many years now.

"It’s a dark, unattractive area in the evenings – we've had anti-social problems down there and all sorts of issues. If you can build a facility which is well used by families and people of all ages then you design the problem away.

"We want to create a skate park which young people want to go to and use. We know from previous studies that a revamp is very much wanted in the area and it is about time this is done."

The council is working with Poole-based skate park construction company, Maverick, to deliver a new and improved park.

With the concepts drawn up, the next stage in the project is to run an online consultation - which has just been launched.

The council is looking to target skateboarders and scooter riders, to seek their opinions on designs and what they would like to see at the park.

The online consultation can be found at