WEST Dorset is set for temperatures below zero with wintry showers and sleet expected for other areas, according to the Met Office.

The Met Office predict temperatures in Bridport to hit -2C around 4am tomorrow morning.

Overnight, a spokesman for Wessex Weather recorded minus 2.2C in Wimborne.

Bournemouth Airport recorded one of the lowest temperatures in the UK overnight at minus 3.9C.

And there are even forecasts for some wintry showers of sleet or snow in Dorset tomorrow.

This morning a Dorset spokesman for weather, said: "It’s a cold start, -3C outside currently and it’ll be another cold day.

"Plenty of sun initially then later this afternoon the chance of a few wintry showers."

A heavy frost and lows of minus 1C are predicted tonight.

The coldest place in the UK last night was Great Dun Fell in the Pennines with a chilly temperature of minus 7.2C.

Just last week the UK recorded its warmest March day in 53 years with the mercury reaching 24.5C.