A SHEEP was rescued by firefighters after it was on the 'wrong side of a fence' close to a cliff edge.

Bridport Fire Station responded to numerous calls from the public about the animal close to the cliff edge in Eype, near Bridport at 2.13pm on Saturday, April 3.

Due to the calls from the public and the chance that someone could put themselves in danger by attempting to rescue the stricken sheep, firefighters took it upon themselves to recover the farmland animal.

Firefighters recovered a section of the fence and ushered the sheep back into the field. The firefighters then put the section of fence back in place before departing the scene.

A spokesman for Bridport Fire Station said: "Animal Rescue Fire Control received a few calls to reports of a sheep on the wrong side of a fence close to the cliff edge in Eype. 

"An officer was initially mobilised to investigate prior to sending out an appliance. Due to the amount of calls and the possibility of members of public putting themselves at risk attempting to get the sheep it was decided to recover it back to a field. 

"Bridport's 4x4 appliance was mobilised to the scene and crews removed a section of fence and returned the sheep to a field. Once the fence was reinstated crews returned to the station. 

"Whilst out enjoying the weather, and our beautiful coastline always stick to the marked paths and stay well away from the cliff edge."