A DOG spent more than half-an-hour with her leg trapped in the pavement at West Bay.

Andy Foot and Siobhan Davis, took their dogs for a walk along the beaches at West Bay on Sunday, March 28.

One of the dogs, Ruby, slipped into a crack in the pavement - estimated to be around six inches wide.

Unable to manoeuvre her leg out of the crack themselves, Mr Foot and Ms Davis were given some oil by staff members at one of the beachside kiosks to try and ease her leg out of the gap, however, this was also unsuccessful.

The couple then called the fire service to assist them and sat comforting Ruby whilst they waited.

When the firefighters arrived, one of them retrieved a tool box and took out a bolster and a hammer with an aim to try and break the concrete.

But Mr Foot said upon seeing the tools, Ruby panicked and wriggled enough to free herself from the crack.

He said: "It was a bit embarrassing really as we called the fire service out because we couldn’t understand how to get her out and then she managed to get free herself.

"We were actually very lucky she was able to get loose on her own. There was no way for us to get her leg out without using force and she would likely have panicked if the firefighters had to use their tools which would have made things harder still.

"It is something which needs highlighting, because an older person or small animal could get seriously hurt as a result of this. The crack is quite wide if an old person were to walk over it, it could easily lead to them falling over."

Mr Foot praised the staff at a nearby kiosk who, along with providing them with oil, also provided them with coffee and a sausage for the dogs.

After the incident, Ruby was taken to the vet where it was revealed that she had some bruising on her leg.

The couple have only had Ruby, believed to be a Jack Russell-Border Terrier cross, for three weeks since adopting her from Margaret Green Rescue Centre. Staff at the centre found her abandoned on a country lane whilst heavily pregnant.

Mr Foot said: "She's doing really well now. When we first got her she’s really timid as she’s obviously been ill treated but she’s settling in really well.

"She gets on well with our other dog and she seems very happy."

Dorset Council is responsible for the maintenance of footpaths and walkways throughout the council area.

A spokesman for Dorset Council said: "Dorset Council has a schedule of inspections to ensure highways and pavements are in good repair, but damage can occur between these inspections.

"A damaged pavement can be reported on the Dorset Council website and we will investigate the issue."