New facilities are planned for the Morrisons supermarket fuel outlet at West Bay Road, Bridport – if Dorset Council approves a planning application for the site.

The proposal includes the demolition of some of the existing buildings on the site, including the existing kiosk and then providing a new kiosk, car wash and clean facilities and a new parking layout.

Drawings with the application show a larger kiosk and suggest that the existing canopy will remain in place, once refurbished.

Other new, local, applications include changes to the Lilliput shop at 58 West Street, Bridport to provide two double storey apartments on the site, which includes a former cottage used as a store behind the shop.

It will also include a new shop layout with the removal of a lift shaft and creation of a new staff area. The application also includes the installation of a new first floor window and roof lights.

Documents from an agent says that the shop owner, Lillie Foster, has already had to reduce the shop trading area because of the pandemic and wants to create the two apartments in the redundant shop area, to help ensure the survival of the business and staff jobs.

Elsewhere in the town Dorset Council is being asked to consider the conversion of 4 & 4A Folly Mill Lane, Bridport into a guesthouse with a new first floor extension above the kitchen to provide ensuite bathrooms.

The applications says there will be little change to the appearance of the buildings.