The Covid vaccination programme in Dorset has seen more than 39,000 doses delivered across the county in the latest weekly figures.

Data released by NHS England on Thursday, February 18, showed that a cumulative total of 240,890 doses had been administered to Dorset residents between December 8, 2020 and February 14.

This means in the seven days leading up to February 14, 39,679 jabs were given in Dorset.

This was a decrease from the 47,083 jabs given in the seven days leading up to February 7.

A total of the 7,158 in the most senior age group (80 plus) have now received both doses – an increase of 10 people from the previous week.

The number of people aged 75 to 79 to have received the first dose stood at 38,315.

In the 70 to 74 age group, 49,280 have been given their first dose of the vaccine.

A total of 88,077 under 70s have received the first part of the inoculation process.

Across the country, over 13 million vaccine doses had been administered up to February 14 as the immunisation programme continues.

There are more than 20 sites in Dorset administering Covid-19 vaccinations.