A TEENAGER who repaired bikes to cure lockdown boredom has turned the project into a fully functioning business.

Sixteen-year-old Sennen Hurley began repairing bikes to give himself something to do during the first national lockdown.

Starting in the early stages of the lockdown in late March into April, Sennen would repair the bikes of people within the community from the garage of his Bridport home. He would carry out the work in exchange for a donation which would be sent to the NHS.

Sennen, who attends Sir John Colfox Academy sixth form, continued this initiative with help from his Dad up until August. It was then that the pair decided to transition the set-up into a small business - the aptly named 'Wheelie Good Bike Shop'.

Sennen's father, John Hurley, said: "Sennen started the bike repairs back at the start of the first lockdown, as a way of supporting the community as well as giving himself something to do.

"By a certain point we were working on so many bikes that we had to take out protection insurance and that's when we decided to transition into a bona fide business.

"Obviously as he's only 16 the business is in my name, but it's his business. He does the work, I do the books."

He added: "Sennen is very proficient and committed and he’s learning a lot about how to run a business and all the work the goes into doing so."

To further support the local community in the latest lockdown, the pair are holding an art competition for young people in the area.

Anyone from the age of three to 18 in Bridport or the surrounding area is encouraged to paint a picture for submission before Wednesday, March 3. The pictures will be judged by two local artists and it is hoped could be put into an exhibition at a Bridport venue further down the line.

Mr Hurley said: "We thought there’s a lot of kids struggling at the moment, and parents, so lets give them something to do.

"It will give something for the kids to focus on and maybe give the paretns a bit of a breather."

The competition will have three categories: Under eights - with a first prize of £10, under 14s - with a first prize of £20 and under 18s with a first prize of £50.

Applicants are asked to drop their work (complete with name, age and contact info) at 11 Sparacre Gardens, Bridport between 10am and 2pm, by March 3.

For more information, contact Sennen and John at wheeliegoodbikeshop@yahoo.com.