BRIDPORT Folk Festival has been postponed until September.

This year's festival was originally planned to take place between Friday, July 23 until Sunday, July 25, but organisers are now planning to run the event over the first weekend of September, on Saturday 4 and Sunday, 5.

The team behind the festival say they are 'ever hopeful' despite the current situation in the country with many events expected to be cancelled for a second year as a result of the pandemic.

A spokesman for the Bridport Folk Festival said: "2020 did us no favours which sadly led to the cancellation of the Bridport Folk Festival and this year isn't looking much better so far.

"However, we as a committee have been regularly convening to keep up to date with the situation ever hopeful of welcoming you to our fourth folk festival albeit delayed.

"Bridport Folk Festival 2021 was planned to be a really spectacular year to compensate for last years loss and although things still appear bleak, we are not dissuaded from preparing the basics in anticipation of the day we are given the green light."

The last Bridport Folk Festival took place in 2019 and saw a variety of performances in Bucky Doo, Millennium Green, Bridport Arts Centre and Electric Palace as well as many other venues throughout the town.

Dance and music workshops also took place throughout the weekend, as well as organised dances, both formal and social.

As the three-day festival drew to a close on the Sunday evening, South Street was closed for a full procession of more than 200 dancers.

The group currently has contingency plans in place for this year's festival to take place in September, subject to government rulings at the time and following medical advice. If the event is able to go ahead, it would be considerably downscaled from pervious years.

Despite this, organisers say the festival will still provide the opportunity for dancers and musicians to perform once again.

Due to the lack of fundraising over the past year, the budget will be smaller than usual and the lower level of fees will pay a big part in the selection process.

Any musicians who would like to apply for a slot are encouraged to do so by emailing Dancers looking to apply can do so at