It has been reported that the Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club has closed in line with the Government's lockdown rules.

It seems rather strange to me that any two people, observing social distance, can walk across a golf course yet two people cannot play golf on the same ground.

I simply cannot understand why football, which in some cases is a contact game, is still being allowed to be played. I know these players may be in their own team ‘bubbles’ but they travel the whole country meeting other teams in their ‘bubbles’.

Of course, it is unknown who else the home team or the opposing team players mix with. This could be other people in yet another ‘bubble’ and who have these other people met with?

This is putting aside who the individual players meet with outside of the football team ‘bubble’.

This surely is not adhering to the rules given out by the Government and if people feel footballers can do this then perhaps why can’t they.

This obviously points to different rules for football which unlike most other activities cannot happen due to the coronavirus restriction, therefore, I think, football should be stopped immediately.

Douglas Beazer