I attended the Bridport Health Centre for my Covid jab! From reception to completion it was flawless, seamless and caring.

On arrival one was directed by marshals (dressed against the weather) to parking areas and from there to the polite and caring attention of the ‘guides’, may I call them?, shown a seat which, was constantly cleansed after each occupant moved on down the waiting rows, then on to one of several nurses. A few details taken..roll up your sleeve..jab (painless) and then ushered to the heated recovery tent. Home in time for tea!

As an ex seaman I have had all the jabs known to man so was not worried about the needle but, for those elderly and infirm for whom such procedures are frightening, the staff were on hand to comfort and reassure.

My thanks and congratulations to ALL involved....but what else do we expect? This is our lovely Bridport after all. Nuff said.

Wally Holmes