One of the obstacles put in our way as we seek to make homes for ordinary people: we’re not registered social landlords.

A tiny little story but perhaps an everyday story.

Last September, a man died from cancer. He was living in a home provided by a registered social landlord. His brother who had been his carer was told to leave the home that they had been sharing. Without money or a home he turned to some friends/acquaintances who accommodated him in their dining room for some months. We have now provided him with a permanent home.

It is possible to see the action of the registered social landlord as immoral, but this person who has lived in Bridport all his life had nothing, no paperwork, no ID, no money, just a desperate need.

I feel honoured that we have been able to meet that need and I’m grateful to his friends who rescued him at a dreadful time.

David Partridge


Daniel Taylor Almshouses CIO (DanTay)