HANDMADE meals are returning to residents' door steps thanks to a Beaminster restaurant.

With the latest national lockdown meaning that Brassica Restaurant has had to once again close its doors, the restaurant is now set to continue with its handmade meals

Customers can order both handmade meals and handmade meal kits.

The handmade meals are prepared in the kitchen at Brassica, delivered chilled and ready to warm up at home where necessary or freeze for up to one month. Each meal serves two people.

The handmade meal kits are designed to have a more 'interactive' element than the handmade meals. The packages contain the ingredients of classic dishes which are easy to construct at home, complete with step by step instructions.

The first deliveries and collections will be on Friday, January 15.

To order or for more information, visit www.brassicarestaurant.co.uk