THE OXFORD-AstraZeneca vaccine has made it to Bridport.

Bridport Medical Centre has announced that it has received a small batch of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine which it will be rolling out to care homes in the area shortly.

The centre's 'frailty team', together with community colleagues from Dorset Healthcare NHS trust will be in charge of planning the roll out.

A spokesman for Bridport Medical Centre said: "These vaccines will allow our “roving” team to start vaccinating our patients in care homes.

"Alongside this, we expect Pfizer stock to arrive weekly. Wednesday’s 12 hour session went really well, with no queues. Whilst we can’t promise there won’t be challenging times with this particular vaccine, we really will try our best to minimise issues."

The AstraZeneca vaccine is easier to transport as it only needs to be kept at fridge temperature, unlike the Pfizer vaccine which must be stored at -70C.

For information about future vaccine sessions, visit 'Bridport Medical Centre' on Facebook.