I’ve lived in West Bay for many years.

I’m an NHS healthcare professional and have seen the devastating consequence that Covid 19 has on the people in our community, watching people die from Covid is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’ve watched in fear at the reports of the new strain of Covid spreads throughout the country. Everyone who’s distanced from the truth of the increasing numbers of new cases wondering how this could be!

Recently I witnessed probably the single most act of stupidity or selfishness I’ve have ever seen.

The Covid testing station seems to be working well in West Bay, no traffic queues and what seems to be a very proficient professional approach to staff and patient safety.

I watched as a car with three occupants left the testing station, no real cause for concern. What really got me was that shortly afterwards the same vehicle parked and the three occupants got out of the vehicle and proceeded into a shop to purchase food and drink.

How can anyone with half a brain cell think this is ok that whilst out getting your Covid test?. Astonished and sickened by these people’s actions.

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