A FIRE broke out at a Bridport kitchen when a pan of oil caught alight.

Teams from Bridport Fire Station were called out to the property fire on West Street at 5.45pm yesterday evening.

The fire was caused when a pan of oil overheated and caught fire. The resident then placed a lid on the pan and evacuated the building.

When the firefighters arrived at the building, the fire was out but the property was filled with smoke. The fire crews removed the pan and its contents and ventilated the property using a high powered fan.

The incident did no lead to any major damage or injuries.

A spokesman from Bridport Fire Station said: "Our advice is not to use a chip pan at all. A thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer is far safer, as it can’t overheat.

"There are two main causes of chip pan fires - the oil or fat overheats and catches fire or the oil or fat spills onto the cooker, either because the pan has been filled too high or because wet chips have been put into the hot oil, causing it to bubble up and overflow.

"If your pan does catch fire: Turn off the heat under the pan, if it’s safe to do so, and allow it to cool completely. Don’t try and move the pan and never throw water over the pan as the effects can be horrific. Don’t try and tackle the fire yourself – leave the room, close the door, get everyone out of the property and call 999."