RESULTS are in from the Millennium Green's recent consultation.

Response to the green's five year management plan has shown overwhelming support for restoration of the Mountfield Entrance to the woodland walk. Almost 93 per cent of those who responded were in favour of making the entrance more attractive and rebuilding the historic feature.

As a result work has already begun to clear the area of debris and make it look more attractive.

Adjacent to the entrance, the restoration of the 'ice house' was also a key concern. Trustees were particularly keen that the ice house could be used to show how in the past before electricity and refrigeration this was a way foods were kept.

Other potential projects which received a high level of support included planting some parkland trees on the meadow, thinning sections of the woodland by glades and establishment of a woodland edge. All of these three measures are likely to increase wildlife habitats and diversity.

The full conclusions from the public consultation can be viewed at