A CAT has been injured after it was caught in a 'barbaric' trap.

A cat, named Jordan, was found by walkers after his leg got caught in a trap in Askerswell on Sunday.

He was taken to Bredy Veterinary Clinic in Bridport and vets managed to remove the trap but he has been left with a swollen paw.

His owners were located and he has been able to go home.

In a Facebook post about the incident, Bredy Veterinary Clinic wrote: "His injuries could have been much worse. The RSPCA have been informed and are going to investigate."

In a comment underneath the post, Jackie Cook wrote: "That's churned my stomach, how can anyone be so barbaric?!! Glad to see he's on the mend, bless the boy x"

Sue Stocker wrote: "What sort of uncaring, disgraceful person would set a trap this cruel."