CHRISTMAS cheer will be spread by a Bridport venue thanks to a nativity scene display - and the community is being asked to support it.

The Lyric Theatre on Barrack Street will play host to a handcrafted and illuminated nativity scene for passers-by to enjoy throughout December, courtesy of renowned artist Edwina Bridgeman.

Ms Bridgeman, a professional theatre designer, has offered to cover the majority of the costs herself so long as the Lyric Theatre and its supporters can raise £1,190 towards it.

Should the target amount be reached, the nativity scene will belong to the theatre and will be available for the community to view for many years to come.

Many of the theatre's traditional events leading up to Christmas have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, as it has not been able to open to the public since March - with its performances and workshops unable to go ahead.

Niki McCretton, artistic director and owner of The Lyric, said: “While we still cannot open to the public, we would love to spread joy in this way instead. This is an opportunity to give to make something wonderful happen for our community.

"This beautiful nativity scene, which will be displayed in the foyer of the Lyric with the front doors open for passers by to enjoy safely, aims to bring joy to our community at this time, to stop and take in the scene, and to enjoy either on your own or with loved ones. Whether you practice a faith or not, there is hope and peace to be taken from this scene of birth, new life and humility, and Edwina’s incredibly delicate creations cannot help but enchant onlookers.”

The intention of the theatre is that the nativity scene, while housed at the Lyric, will be a community resource for schools or community groups to borrow in the years to come, to display in their own setting.

The team at the Lyric are asking the community to for donations, and for the public to spread the word to anyone who may be interested to see this nativity scene come to fruition.

To donate, please visit