LITTER Free Dorset is urging residents to not set off fireworks on Guy Fawke's Night this year, saying that it will help reduce plastic pollution.

A spokesperson said: "With Guy Fawkes Night around the corner, but organised events off the cards, we can’t wait to change up Bonfire Night this year, and host family-fun, firework-free celebrations in our gardens and in our homes.

"Did you know fireworks contain a lot of plastic? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what goes up, must come down.

"Help reduce plastic pollution, risk of wildfire and personal injury by wrapping up warm, lighting up your outdoor spaces with fairy lights, while tucking into baked potatoes and watching shooting stars and satellites fly by."

Check Litter Free Dorset's Facebook page over the next two weeks for fun firework-free ideas to help you celebrate this Guy Fawkes Night.