Three children thought to be aged between six and nine years old risked their lives by trespassing on a railway.

Parents are now being urged to warn their children about the dangers of trespassing on the railway after the trio got onto tracks and were spoken to by a train driver.

They got onto the line via a level crossing near Crewkerne on the Yeovil Junction-Exeter line.

The incident was seen by a South Western Railway train driver, who stopped his train and asked them to leave the line.

The three children believed to be between the ages of six to nine were seen entering the railway between Crewkerne station and the level crossing on September 26 just before 2pm

Network Rail is warning people to stay off the railway as it could cost you your life. Not only are there trains, but in most of the South Western Railway network there are live rails carrying 750 volts of electricity, which can kill.

Marcia Burnett, community safety manager for Network Rail Wessex, said: “Trespassing is extremely dangerous and it is never safe to hang around on the railway.

“It’s vital that we make children and young people aware of the dangers and the devastating consequences that trespassing can have by educating them, and by setting an example.”