To mark National Fitness Day on September 23, a Dorset mental health charity and gyms have announced a new partnership to encourage people to get active to improve mental health.

Dorset Mind and New Body Fitness, which has a gym in Bridport, will work together to promote the benefits of fitness for improving mental health and creating a positive mindset.

The gym hopes to raise mental health awareness and funds at fundraising events throughout the year, which will help the charity support people in west Dorset.

Nick Bell, owner New Body Fitness, said: “Being part of a gym or fitness community has a huge benefit in helping people manage difficult times, improve daily structure and offers a positive environment to go to when times are hard.

“Fitness is developing into not just physical strength but mental strength as well and it’s great to be able to support these changes and offer a service that accommodates everyone.

“Dorset Mind is a fantastic charity and I know its services have helped so many people within Dorset.”

A recent survey by New Body Fitness found more than 70 per cent of its members trained to help improve their wellbeing along with reducing stress levels.

By partnering with Dorset Mind, New Body Fitness aims to bring several wellbeing initiatives and services to the local community, as well as encouraging people to improve their physical health and fitness.

Marianne Storey, Dorset Mind’s chief executive, said: “We are pleased to partner with New Body Fitness as it is widely recognised that regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.

“Our partnership comes after a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a huge strain on everyone’s mental health.

“We’re looking forward to working with its expert team to further our mission to ensure that everyone experiencing a mental health problem in Dorset gets both support and respect.”

To find out more about Dorset Mind, visit and for more information on New Body Fitness, visit