The rescue of two ex-professional sailors by a west Dorset lifeboat crew is set to be shown on the small screen.

Volunteers of Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat rescued the pair in August last year and will feature on the BBC 2 Saving Lives at Sea. It will be in the second programme in the new series to be screened on Thursday, September 24.

The sailors, Sam Brearey from Canterbury and Christian Birrell from London, were training for national sailing championships when their dinghy capsized in strong winds 500m south of Lyme Regis harbour.

The forestay - a rope supporting the mast - broke and their vessel capsized throwing both men overboard.

Both men were in the water when the lifeboat crew arrived on scene.

Sam Brearey said at the time: “Despite all the experience we have both gained, if the forestay goes you have a major problem. We were very pleased to see the lifeboat crew - they were brilliant at working together to recover us and our boat.”