DORSET Council could eventually have its own app for all council services.

It has also been revealed that the current Dorset for You site will be replaced when new IT is brought into use, offering what the council claims will be a better service for the public.

Cabinet has given authority to spend more that £540,000 on a new digital platform which will allow it to streamline services in the years to come – and could also save £930,000 over three years.

Deputy council leader Peter Wharf says that by updating the council’s digital services it will allow smarter working,

He told the Cabinet this week that the new technology ought to be able to work out when a street light had failed and send an alert, or to offer compatible services to someone inquiring about any of the council’s duties.

“For example, if I applied for a Blue Badge (for disabled parking) the system could be prompted to ask if I might want help with putting the bins out,” he said.

The new system is also expected to bring together computer systems from the previous councils and stop the use of some out-dated technology which the council is currently still forced to rely on.

He said it should also stop the annoying practice of customers being asked for their basic details, time after time.

Cllr Wharf said the system had the potential to transform services to Dorset residents, although he warned that it would take some time for it to be fully operational, but would still produce savings from the investment within two years.

He said it would also mean the council being able to comply with disability legislation for the first time by being able to offer different screen configurations to suit the user.

“Overall, it will make contacting Dorset Council a lot easier,” said Cllr Wharf.