We have been enjoying our family holidays for the last 16 years in the Bridport area.

The town and bay are looking as good as ever and a pleasure to visit.

We have always been impressed with the ease and value of parking both in Bridport and West Bay so I read your headline with interest but took a different view.

I would like to say thank you to the parking team who ensure that the car parks are used correctly and the minority of drivers who don’t follow the rules or who try to avoid paying are correctly fined.

I am always happy to pay the fees which are great value compared to other areas (Burton Bradstock for example).

I think you were wrong to criticise the parking team for correctly doing their job and implying they are forcing visitors away.

We will be returning to the area and one of the reasons is the efficient, well managed parking. Thank you to all those involved and for a job well done.

Jonathan Sparks