A retired headteacher from Lyme Regis has written a new book exploring the 'mess' of the education system.

Richard Steward, who was headteacher at Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis before retiring last year, has published The Toxic Classroom.

The book offers a powerful critique of the education system, taking a comprehensive look at the pressures children experience as a result of constant change, digital technology and political interference.

It is not aimed solely at educational professionals but also the general public, who Dr Steward believes will take great interest in reading about the issues tackled in the book.

Dr Steward said: “The book is essentially a culmination of my experience in education over the past 30 years. I had the chance to stand back and look at it from an objective viewpoint and to acknowledge chaos in the system.

“I think the issues we currently see within the system have been developing over the past 20 or so years. Throughout the course of the book, I look at the confusion over different departments, the complexities of assessment and the governments manipulation of the curriculum."

He added: "It also looks into ways we can improve the system to the benefit of all those involved, so it's not all negative. It's an overall summary of the mess we’ve got ourselves into.

“It's aimed at the public in general, along with anyone who works in education, has a child at school and so on. I imagine it could be very popular with teachers."

This is Dr Steward’s second book to be published. The first, The Gradual Art of School Improvement, was released last year, inspired by his 16 years as headteacher of Woodroffe.

A third book - A Guide to the Curriculum for Middle Leaders - is due to be published in December.

Dr Steward led Woodroffe School through two outstanding Ofsted inspections, a status still held by the school, enabling it to become both a National Teaching School and a Maths hub.

The Toxic Classroom is available to purchase now on a number of online retailers, including Waterstones and Amazon.