TWO HERO beachgoers who saved the life of a man who jumped off Durdle Door have returned to the landmark for the first time since the incident to star in a video warning of the dangers of the sea - and today told of their overwhelming emotion at reliving the horror back at the scene.

Mike Wiley and Yasmin Allen saved a man who jumped off the top of the 200-ft arch and was knocked unconscious by the impact of hitting the water back in May.

Mike, from Southampton, and Yasmin, from Somerset, visited Durdle Door for the first time since the horror to star in a video made by LadBible and supported by the RNLI encouraging people to be safe in the water and to warn of the dangers of being unprepared at sea.

Mike, 31, owner of a window cleaning business, said: "I'm quite a nervous person anyway and I stutter and get my words mixed up so when I was talking in detail about everything that happened it was a bit overwhelming.

"I had to take five minutes on my own when I first got to Durdle Door because the event was very traumatic and I had some anxiety about being back, but the team from LadBible were incredible and there was no pressure at all so it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

The pair were asked to recount the events of the day where three people were seriously injured after jumping off Durdle Door. Mike pulled two of them from the water to safety and Yasmin performed CPR on an unconscious man until paramedics arrived.

Yasmin, 23, a support worker, said: "It was an emotional day. I got quite upset retelling the story. It was very comforting having Mike there with me. I have definitely got a friend for life in him."

The video was shared on the LadBible Facebook page on August 23 and has already been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Yasmin said: "I feel really good that the video has been watched so many times already. If it helps stop some people from doing something dangerous or makes them think about their actions before they do something stupid then I am happy."