Despite very dangerous conditions, high waves and strong winds, people still risked their lives and went down to the sea.

Safety advice had to be given and people moved away from the shore as Storm Ellen swept across Dorset on Friday and Saturday.

West Bay Coastguard were called on Saturday afternoon after lifeguards at West Bay reported a large group of people at risk in the surf on East Beach. Officers made their way down, spoke to lifeguards about those reported and carried out a check along the beach, which was now clear.

However, whilst on scene it was reported that there was a number of people also at risk along the beach towards Freshwater.

Upon arrival and after a visual check, a person was spotted along the beach in the heavy surf. Two officers made their way along the beach towards West Bay and found the lady sitting in the surf.

A spokesman for West Bay Coastguard said: "After establishing she was OK and unhurt, the officers issued safety advice and escorted her from the water line back to a place of safety.

"Whilst on scene, a number of families were also spotted on the surf line at Freshwater. Officers provided safety advice and escorted them to a place of safety further up the beach. The team returned back to station at West Bay and were stood down.

"The sea was extremely rough with some very large waves. The current strong winds and spring tides mean the 'big' seas are very dangerous, so please be very careful on the coast during this time.

"Stay safe on the coast this summer, but if you find yourself in difficulty or if you are concerned for others, do not hesitate, dial 999 and ask for the coastguard."