More than 40 speeding drivers were stopped on the coast road yesterday, with the highest speed being a motorcyclist travelling at 86mph.

Dorset Police No Excuse Team were on the B3157 between Bridport and Weymouth and dealt with 41 speeding offences, three of which resulted in vehicles being seized for no insurance or driving licence.

A spokesman said: “We witnessed plenty of sensible road users so thank you to those, however, they were let down by an inconsiderate few.

“The highest speed recorded was a Triumph motorbike at a reckless 86mph in a fifty zone. The same rider was stopped for speeding a month ago on Ringwood Road Bearcross, on the same bike by the same officer and promised then to slow down, clearly he didn’t. Small world, hopefully he will now slow down after being reported to court and with the other offence pending.

“In fact, most of the highest speeds recorded today were motorbikes, some 16 in total. We do not focus on motorbikes; we focus on any vehicle on the road speeding. The other 25 offences were cars, with several being recorded at 75mph in a fifty zone.”

Three vehicles were seized by officers for document offences. These included a VW, which was recorded doing 62mph, and the driver thought he was covered to drive his partner’s car, another driving at 75mph who had been previously banned and never regained his licence and a Jeep for no insurance.

The spokesman added: “After stopping the Jeep because our ANPR altered us to it for no insurance, the driver - before we even got out of our car - walked towards us, handed us the keys and said, ‘fair cop, I don’t have a licence or insurance, there is no point in lying about it’. We like honesty.”

The team has been praised by local residents for cracking down on speeders along that stretch of road.

The spokesman said: “Several local residents approached us and thanked us for our work. In fact, one resident feels that strongly about this issue and the impact it has on him and his family he recorded a short voice recording thanking us for our efforts.”

The resident, who lives near Swyre, said: “It’s so great to see the no excuse team out. Every weekend we get bikes, mostly bikes and some cars, exceeding the speed limit where it is a 50 doing over 100 sometimes and it’s really scary coming out of our drive, so I would just like to say thank you very much.”