RESIDENTS feel they were treated appallingly after no notice was given for supermarket works that went on into the night.

For more than two weeks in July, residents faced sleepless nights as flooding works were carried out in Morrisons car park, which they say went on all day and into the early hours of the morning.

Patricia Field, who lives in Glebe Close - which is directly opposite Morrisons on the other side of Sea Road South - said she and others that live there are furious and feel they have been misled.

“We not only suffered disturbance during the day but all night until 4 or 5am,” she said.

“When I went over and spoke to management, they said I was the first to complain, but when I spoke to neighbours, they said they had gone over to complain as well.

“We were never told about the work and when I went over and spoke to them, they said that the manager came round and knocked on doors. We have had no notification at all, no letters, nothing.

“I suffer from depression and sleep is so important to me, it was driving me mad as I couldn’t get any sleep, even after taking tablets I still couldn’t sleep.

“I understand they need to get it done, I appreciate that as the car park floods, but they have to stop at a reasonable hour so we can sleep.

“The attitude has been so dire. I won’t be shopping in Morrisons again and will take my custom elsewhere.”

She said some neighbours were still in lockdown and couldn’t even go out to escape the noise.

Mary Edwards, who also lives in Glebe Close, said it had been bad and it ‘wasn’t nice’ for the residents with it continuing into the early hours. She agreed that no notice had been given, no signs had been put up and they hadn’t informed ‘those taking the brunt of it’.

She said: “We had no indication of it. “I went over as I had only had three hours sleep and the manager said they only had a week’s notice.

“That gives them plenty of time to write some letters, put notices up - they didn’t have to leave us in the dark completely. He didn’t seem very sympathetic.”

Morrisons said the works were completed over the weekend of July 18 and 19, however, more works are planned for the supermarket’s car park.

A spokesman for Morrisons said: “The Bridport store car park was recently resurfaced as part of essential maintenance works and on this occasion, we may have disrupted local residents.

“We’re sorry that we didn’t inform our neighbours of our plans and will learn from this incident.

“Further resurfacing works are scheduled for later this year and we will be contacting residents ahead of making a start.”

No date for when more works are due to start have been given.