A HUSBAND and wife musical duo who were championed by national radio are set to release their second album.

The Gravity Drive, made up of Bridport married couple Elijah and Ava Wolf, will release The Wildlight in August.

The album is a series of powerful songs that promote self-worth, self-discovery and self-actualisation.

Its name The Wildlight came about randomly after it was spelt out on the family's fridge with magnetic letters.

The much-anticipated album comes after previous Gravity Drive tracks were played on BBC Radio 2 by DJ Bob Harris.

The band have also been praised by broadcasters Janice Long and Tom Robinson.

The Gravity Drive have refined their sound for Wildlight, but their songwriting protocol is unchanged.

Elijah said: "I bring new songs to Ava and she’s like my biggest fan but also the most critical. "She will approve or reject a song – they have to pass the ‘Ava test’ – but once a song is approved, she explores the arrangement and where the song should go sonically."

The pair recorded the album in their home studio. Elijah and Ava say the Jurassic Coast inspires their music.

Elijah said: “There’s still this idea that the big cities like London and Los Angeles are the epicentres of music and in many ways they are, but a lot of the music-industry models are changing, and we’d much rather make the music here, in a place that we love."

Enriching the mix of this album are infectious compositions like Shooting Star, reminding us that commitment to a loved one can be a release rather than a burden, and You Are More Than You Think You Are, a welcome balm for the bullied and persecuted in the age of internet trolling.

A track from the album has been shortlisted by Record Store Day UK for an Unsigned competition and another track is being distributed by Rough Trade on a new artist vinyl sample release later in the year.

The Gravity Drive will perform at Camp Bestival next year.

Summer single Forever is on release now and The Wildlight will be released on Friday, August 20.

*The Wildlight will also be available from Bridport Music Centre and ClockTower Music in Bridport. See thegravitydrive.com for more information.