A BRIDPORT primary school has raised a whopping £1,600 after each child was challenged to walk, run or even hop a mile to help fundraise for the school.

Broadwindsor Primary School has been hit hard financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic as it has been unable to carry out its usual bake sales, ice lolly sales and Easter fundraiser which normally go a long way in raising money to buy essential equipment for the school.

The PTA team put their heads together to think of a way they could get the children all participating in something together whilst raising some additional money. They hit a eureka moment when they came up with the 100 Miles Event which would encourage every child in their 94 pupil school to get sponsored to run, walk or cycle a mile on what would have been the last day of the summer term.

Susan Gaines, treasurer of the PTA for Broadwindsor School, said: "The kids were really excited when we told them about it. Some of them got really creative and went way past the distance they were expected to do. A couple of them even walked up Lewesdon Hill which is such a challenge!

"One little boy in reception bounced up and down the length of his garden on a spacehopper which was a fantastic idea. In total, the kids travelled 158 miles so they smashed the target set for them."

When Susan created the justgiving page for the fundraiser, she set the target at £200 which she felt was quite ambitious. Incredibly, the children have raised eight times that amount and hit £1,662. The money will be used to buy IT equipment for the school which struggles with bad wifi and internet connection.

Susan added: "The money we've managed to raise is a testament to the generosity of all the parents and their families. It was so lovely to do an event for the kids so that even though they weren't all together, they were still part of their school community and thinking about each other as they all did their mile challenge at the same time."

To donate to the Broadwindsor Primary School justgiving page, visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/broardwindsorschool100miles.