A LORD of the Rings style fantasy map of Dorset has been completed thanks to some help from the county’s residents.

Following a request to the Dorset public from the map’s creator to help fill in any gaps he may have missed, the map is now complete with hidden gems from across the county.

Chris Birse, who runs the Facebook page Fantasy World Maps, asked for local additions to fill out the project, which was half-finished at the time.

The Dorset public did not disappoint and helped him to discover a number of sites unbeknownst to all but Dorset residents. Thanks to this feedback, Mr Birse was able to include a number of villages, valleys and landmarks, even finding a spot for Veasta, the mythical sea monster of Portland.

A big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and the fantasy genre. he has been working through the English counties for the past two years, creating maps in this style.

The Dorset map has been the most popular so far in terms of contributions with Mr Birse claiming he received over 1000 suggestions through community Facebook groups.

He put out a statement on the Fantasy World Maps Facebook page to thank Dorset residents for their assistance in the competition of the map.

The map is available to buy from an A2 size all the way to a huge A0 size at www.etsy.com/uk/listing/830386992/dorset-fantasy-map-lotr-tolkien-poster.