Organisers of the Take a Knee protest in Bridport, which happens every Wednesday at 6pm in Bucky Doo Square, have explained why they do it.

A spokesman said: “In 2016, American football star Colin Kaepernick knelt during his country’s national anthem in protest at police brutality and unfairness, particularly against black people. After the police killing od George Floyd, ‘Taking a Knee’ for eight minutes and 46 seconds became the international symbol of solidarity with the quest for justice, not only for George Floyd, but for all those who suffer the injustice of racism.

“This symbol says, ‘black lives matter’. There is no dispute that white lives matter, but when ethnic minorities in the UK, particularly black people, are discriminated against, it is necessary to say, ‘actually, this unequal treatment is unfair’ - ethnic minorities, including black people, should be treated equally with all others.

“Do I have to kneel? No, some people sit on benches or stand. Are you a political party? No, everyone is welcome.”