Hallam Land Management having won the Judicial Review is now offering the Vearse Farm land for sale by public tender.

There seems very little hope of stopping this large building estate on land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

However, much water will pass under the bridge before a brick is to be laid. The road infrastructure, including a roundabout at Miles Cross will have to be built before any house will be occupied; moreover, one would expect the detailed plans would go to public consultation and to many, like me, who opposed the outline planning application, there will be the opportunity of scrutinising the plans and extract the proposals of what is intended that Bridport will be like in the years to come.

It is in this respect to ensure that the conditions attached to the planning permission are fully implemented. One of such conditions is that the developer shall build 35 per cent affordable housing for our young people, for all too often in the past developers are let off the hook by councils and released from their obligations; and from my days as a member of the former West Dorset District Council, this infrequently happened.

Whilst there is no argument that the need for more affordable housing in Bridport is required, there is not the need for second homes to be built on land in an AONB, spoiling Hardy Country!

West Allington