West Dorset MP Chris Loder has called for fairer funding for towns hit hardest during the coronavirus pandemic, such as Lyme Regis.

In a speech in the House of Commons on July 9th, Mr Loder pressed Government for a fairer share and investment for West Dorset, in particular for coastal towns where economies have been hit the hardest.

He paid tribute to Lyme Regis’ mayor, town clerk and councillors and to Dorset Council, which has distributed thousands of business grants totalling more than £100 million.

Mr Loder urged the Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government to ensure West Dorset’s town councils receive the financial support they need.

He said: “Lyme Regis has a permanent population of just under 3,800 which jumps to 20,000 in a typical summer season.

“Lyme Regis Town Council provides extensive amenities for holidaymakers and income from commercial and tourism activity is absolutely vital.

“The council needs additional support to weather the coronavirus storm and I very much invite the minister to consider that.”

The MP concluded that he hoped Government would fully recognise the importance of local government and support Dorset going forward.