A dance school has ‘flourished’ during lockdown with new and returning members tuning in to practice their moves.

Fee Jeanes Ballet has continued throughout, despite Fee never having heard of Zoom before.

She said: “With the spring term coming to an abrupt end three weeks before the end of term, I guess we all wondered what lay ahead in the way of carrying on with our dance classes. I knew I couldn’t sit back and let my school fall apart.

“Luckily, I have an amazing supportive team and together we started classes via Zoom.

“The children love it. Each week we’ve tried to have a little project to do something to make or do to do with ballet. With the help of a Just Giving page, this has allowed me to send the children post cards, colourings and peg dolls to make.

“We had a number of new pupils starting during lockdown, which has been lovely to think I’ve been teaching them for almost three months, and we have never met.

“Never did I think I’d be teaching in so many rooms. We have all had fun as well as everyone having achieved so much.”

A former pupil of Fee’s moved to France last year but is now back taking regular classes with her through Zoom. Fee has also made videos for some of the children to follow at home for those who aren’t able to use Zoom, as well as giving one-to-one adult sessions.

Fee added: “I am incredibly proud of everyone. It has been a huge challenge for us all and the improvement has been astonishing.

“At first, I wondered if this would work but turning my front room into a mini studio with a camera, tripod, dance floor and ballet barre and we’re away. I’ve not looked back.”

One of Fee’s students said: “Lockdown presented the opportunity for me to take up ballet again - last time I was five-years-old.

“Fee is an inspiration in our weekly classes on Zoom. I feel so much better and ballet has helped me physically and mentally keep fit.

“A massive thanks to Fee for all your hard work, making classes fun and being there for us.”

Another student said: “Lockdown filled me with fear that I would not be able to continue with my ballet classes. However, Miss Fee and her Zoom classes have not only taught me a new technology skill but have enabled me as an older person to do exercise, keeping my core strength and balance good and my flexibility strong.

“This means so much as it is important to keep mental health and physical health well during this time. Miss Fee ensures every Zoom class is fun and enjoyable.”

For more information, search for Fee Jeanes Ballet on Facebook.