After the peaceful protest I wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who showed their support for Black Lives Matter in Bridport.

Attendees were respectful, mindful of social distancing and gave the speakers the attention and appreciation they were due.

Thanks to everyone who gave their time in order to organise and support the event, our police liaison officers and particularly our wonderful speakers.

Despite the fact that the majority of attendees wore face coverings and that the event took place in open air, I understand that at this time people may question the decision to hold the protest.

Yes, the presence of coronavirus adds a further ethical dilemma to an already fraught issue, however, it is beyond our power to chose the moment in which it is time to make a stand; often this moment comes when our decisions are at once, more difficult to make, and of a greater impact. When the moment calls we must ask ourselves which side of history we wish to occupy.

Bridport has made a first step, but the movement is far from over.